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We are United Food and Commercial Workers Local 653. We organize around these industries: grocery, retail, packing and processing, and health care. We are over 10,200 hard working union families in Minnesota.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 653 has its beginnings starting in 1936. A charter was issued in 1936 by the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butchers Workman of North America whose international union was in Chicago. The local consisted of retail meat cutters. In 1941 the grocery employees and food handlers became the first branch of 653, and became known as 653A. Both groups had separate Executive Boards but had the same constitution and Secretary Treasurer, who, in the beginning, was the principle officer for both groups. In 1941 Jerry Utecht became Secretary Treasurer, and there were 200 members in the local.

We continue to grow and stand together to build better lives for our families and communities.

UFCW Local 653 News

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